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Nch’ú7mut Endorsed Business Registry

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We Support Economic Opportunities

Nch’ḵay̓ promotes economic growth by supporting business opportunities that align with the values and interests of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw and its members. As an economic pillar of the Squamish Nation, Nch’ḵay̓’s influence spans many sectors such as real estate, energy, natural resources, and retail —generating revenue while creating sustainable growth that benefits the community.

The aim is to place the Squamish Nation in a strong economic position. This commitment ensures that the Nation’s heritage is honoured, its present needs are met, and future generations have a foundation to build upon independently.

The Role of the Nch’ú7mut Endorsed Business Registry (NEBR)

Central to Nch’ḵay̓, the NEBR is a database of Businesses that Nch’ú7mut Contracting has approved to receive support in pursuit of procurement business opportunities primarily in the construction industry. The Registry is a platform for businesses that are aligned with the Squamish Nation’s values and objectives.

Established to ensure that collaborations provide a return of value to the Nation, the NEBR requires registered businesses to commit to shared revenue, sub-contracting and employment opportunities, training initiatives, and living wage benchmarks for Nation members in exchange for support in winning procurement opportunities. The goal is to pursue procurement outcomes that contribute as broadly as possible to the Nation’s economic progress.

Each of Nch’ḵay̓’s ventures is rooted in the Nation’s vision, principles, and strategic direction. Emphasis is consistently put on the well-being of the Nation’s communities through the preservation of language and culture as well as through sustainable procurement practices.

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New Career and Business
Opportunities for Squamish
Nation Members

Collaborating with Nch’ú7mut Contracting opens doors to various career and business opportunities for Squamish Nation Members.  Businesses interested in a mutually beneficial partnership, and those with offerings or ideas that can contribute to the Nation’s growth, are encouraged to engage with Nch’ú7mut.

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Nch’ú7mut seeks collaboration with businesses that demonstrate profitability and align with the Squamish Nation’s values. The NEBR policies ensure a transparent selection process for potential partners.

We Are Open For Appliciation

There are many entrepreneurial benefits in working with Nch’ḵay̓. If you are interested in operating a thriving business, contact us today!

Grow With Us

Wondering about the difference between the NEBR and the Squamish Member Business Directory?

Nch’ú7mut Endorsed Business Registry Squamish Member Business Directory
Governed by Board Approved Policies No Governing Policies
Revenue Sharing Requirement Access to Bid Opportunities
Sub-Contracting & Employment Requirements No Performance Obligations
SN Living Wage Must Be 51% Squamish Nation Member Owned.
NEBR Bid Support in Exchange for Performance Obligations. No Performance Obligations and No NEBR Bid Support.

Looking for the Squamish Member Business Directory?

If you’re a Squamish Nation Member looking to have your small business listed free-of-charge in our Squamish Member Business Directory, please visit this page for more information.